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Silverlight 4 in Action is a fast-paced, comprehensive tutorial that guides the reader from creating "Hello World" to coding production-quality, data-driven rich internet applications with graphics, audio, and video content. Written for a developer who already knows how to code in C#, this fluff-free book covers the basics quickly and dives into the heart of Silverlight development using XAML (a markup language for creating user interface elements) and Visual Studio 2010. You'll learn not only how to accomplish tasks, but how the underlying runtime works.



Written in a cookbook style, this book offers learning and techniques through recipes. It contains step-by-step instructions for developers who want to build rich data-driven business applications using Silverlight. The book is designed in such a way that you can refer to things chapter by chapter, or read them in no particular order.If you are a .NET developer who wants to build professional data-driven applications with Sliverlight, then this book is for you. Basic experience of programming Silverlight and familiarity with accessing data using ADO.NET in normal .NET applications is required.



Entity Framework Recipes takes a to-the-point, example-based approach to Microsoft .NET 4.0's Entity Framework for database access. It's an approach that will resonate with developers who are in a hurry, who just want a good code example so they can get on with their work.



This book aims to give the average ASP.NET developer everything they need to make the leap from traditional ASP.NET practices to ASP.NET MVC techniques. It details the minutiae of the MVC framework, and the official MVC developer’s toolkit that supports it, before going further and demonstrating these techniques in action by creating a working eCommerce website – a design that has been widely deployed in traditional ASP.NET and that will serve to highlight the differences well. Finally, the book provides readers with a rapid run-down of how traditional ASP.NET features are applied differently in ASP.NET MVC to get them up and running quickly and to provide a valuable reference as they begin their own projects.



This edition covers all the new features of ASP.NET 3.5. It explains Microsoft LINQ to SQL in detail. It includes a chapter on the two new data access controls introduced with the ASP.NET 3.5 Framework: ListView and DataPager. With its coverage of ASP.NET AJAX, this book shows you how to take advantage of Microsoft’s server-side AJAX framework to retrofit existing ASP.NET applications with AJAX functionality. It also demonstrates how to use Microsoft’s client-side AJAX framework to build the web applications of the future: pure client-side AJAX applications. All code samples are written in the C# programming language.



Any ASP.NET developer who needs a sophisticated control solution may look to Telerik to supply them a fast solution if they understand how to use and integrate Telerik into their own projects. The Telerik suite of controls has been widely adopted by the .NET development community, and Telerik controls appear in tens of thousands of solutions across all industries, with 300,000 registered Telerik users. This book supports the ASP.NET and Silverlight professional developer community by opening up Telerik solutions.